Choose a Reputable Towing & Roadside Assistance Provider Before You Need Help

Integrity Towing Service

From empty gas tanks to dead batteries & flat tires, unexpected breakdowns to fender-benders & major wrecks, the time to call for HELP is not the time to start searching for a reputable towing & roadside assistance provider. Even though jumpstarts & lockout services may seem like easy tasks to perform, an inexperienced or un-trained provider could cause more harm than good. Winch-outs require skill & advanced equipment to ensure your vehicle isn’t damaged during the procedure. When you are stressed out after an accident, you might just call the first number you find without checking the company’s reputation or pricing; or accept the assistance of a provider called by local authorities. Either could result in a price you weren’t willing to pay for light-duty towing and/or hidden storage fees. Do your research before you need help and we think you’ll find Integrity Towing is “the company you need to know when you need a tow” in Akron, Ohio.

DO YOUR RESEARCH Asking for recommendations from family, friends or colleagues is often a great place to start, but we still recommend you research any towing & roadside assistance company (even those referred by trusted sources) before you program its number into your cell phone. Jump on the internet to check their online presence and reputation. Companies with an informative website & positive online reviews are likely to be professional and legitimate. Visit us at Integrity Towing L L C dot com to learn more about us and “like us” on Facebook to see why so many of our customers give us 5-out of-5- star reviews. Our name says it all -and our customer reviews reinforce our claim that everyone on our team has integrity and will treat you to reliable service at an honest price.

When doing research, don’t be tempted to choose a provider solely based on price. Some “towing scams” advertise a low price then tack on an additional fee per mile to rack up a high bill. In addition to low base prices and high mileage fees, some unscrupulous operators have been known to charge exorbitant administration fees, daily storage or other unexpected fees. When they’ve got your vehicle locked behind a fence, they have you at a disadvantage. At Integrity Towing, we are Better Business Accredited and upfront about our pricing, so you will always know where you stand.

WHEN YOU CHOOSE, STICK WITH YOUR CHOICE So, you’ve done your research, you’ve made your choice and you’ve programmed the number to Integrity Towing into your cell phone. Now days, months or perhaps even years later, you need help. For roadside assistance, just give us a call and we’ll dispatch a truck to your location ASAP. If you’ve been involved in an accident, make sure everyone is fine, call police and then call us. While you are waiting, be wary of any tow truck that just
“happens” to show up. The operator could be a “scanner listener” who taps into police radio transmissions to troll for business. The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends that you NEVER give permission to a tow truck operator who arrives unsolicited to take your vehicle. Wait for police and Integrity Towing to arrive! We thank you for your trust!